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Aqua Royal Water Purifier 

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RO Water Purifier

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Aqua Royal - RO & RO+UV Water Purifiers

     Special Features
Technical Specifications
- US - FDA grade high quality component
- NASA approved technology
- Spiral wound TFC high rejection membrane
- Compact design allows easy installation
- Quite high pressure booster pump
- Fits under your kitchen sink
- Storage tank optional
- Connects to your water cooler for automatic operation

- output
- Max. Feed Water TDS
- Rejection of TDS
- H.SO. (max.)
- Recovery of water
- Voltage
- Transformer (in built)
- Booster pump (in built)
- Water Pressure in system
- Power single phase
- Dimensions (in mm)
       W / D / H

10 to 12 ltrs. per hour*
2000 ppm
As per Table
0.05 ppm
24/36/48 Watts
24/36/48 Watts
100 PSI
9 Watts


RO Water Purifiers

AQUA Royal R.O. System

It brings a state of the art technological system to traet water to make it potable as per WHO standards of safe drinking water.

The system offered converts salty water (Khara Pani) into safe drinking water.  The system is based on NASA approved technology & uses FDA grade high quality components.  Impurities & Bacteria upto 0.0001 micron are removed. 

R.O. Membrane Pores 0.0001 microns

Virus 0.2 to 0.4 microns

Bacteria 0.4 to 1 microns

Metals & Chemicals are usually larger

So, what you get is pure drinking water.

RO + UV Water Purifier by Aqua Royal

AQUA Royal R.O. + U.V. System

Why to use Ultra Violet R.O. System (UV R.O. System) ?

The primary usage for a UV light is to disinfect filtered water at a certain flow rate. Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are destroyed by the UV interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms' reproductive cycles. In theory, the reverse osmosis membrane already removes bacteria and viruses from the water, therefore, if you are on a municipal water system (tap water) in the U.S., chances are that you should not need a UV light on top of our Ultra RO System. But, if your water source is known to be unsafe with microorganisms and you want to have extra protection, then you can add an UV as an additional stage to disinfect water.

Our Product Range
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  • Commercial Air Purifiers
  • Water Purifiers -Resi.
  • Water Purifiers -Comm.
  • Food Purifier
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